Your Next Speaker

Are You Seeking a Speaker for a Conference, Networking Group, Corporate Event, Retreat, Lunch and Learn, or an Interactive Workshop?  

Mark and Liz Will Keep your Team Engaged. Attendees Will Walk Away with Insight, Communication Tools and Strategies to Open the Door to Current and Future Success For Your Company and Leadership Team.

Do You Want to...

  • Promote engagement and productivity!

  • Increase employee retention!

  • Empower your directors to be better leaders!

  • Nurture extraordinary communication, trust and culture!

  • Develop a cohesive, high performing team!

  • Work Better with Millennials!

  • Prepare for Generation Z entering the workforce!

Feature a Workshop Exploring Influential Communication & Interpersonal Skills at Your Next Event!

Certified Business Communication Coaches, Liz and Mark, are dynamic, captivating speakers who will inspire your team with their transformative insights and expertise. They will share, in a fun and inspiring way, successful strategies for you to develop or improve important skills such as...

·      Embracing the multigenerational workplace 

·      Understanding how to communicate more effectively 

·      Cultivating and deepening the skills for authentic communication

·      Developing and enhancing active listening skills

·      Understanding the impact of communication style

·      Expanding Emotional Intelligence

·      Exploring vulnerability as a communication and leadership asset

Learn how to Accelerate Value for Your Company and Your Team 

Twin Lights Consulting Signature Talks Include:

  • Foundations of Influential Communication

  • 3 Key Steps for Extraordinary Communication

  • Developing an Inspiring & Innovative Leadership Team

  • Culture: The Value Acceleration Process

  • Communication: How it Effects the Bottom Line

  • Understanding the Power of C.A.L.M.

  • Corporate Cancer: How to Diagnose and Cure It

  • Does My Team Need to Improve Communication


Twin Lights Consulting Signature Workshops Include:

·  Developing Authentic & Influential Communication

·  Communicating Effectively Across the Generations

·  Designing Your Energy Based Leadership Team

·  Working with a Multigenerational Team

·  Leading with Influential Communication