Meet the Team


We believe that every company deserves to have employees of all ages who are engaged, productive and fulfilled.

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Liz Devine Hewson, CPC and Mark Lund, M.D., CPC, are the Principals of Twin Lights Consulting, a company specializing enhancing communication and developing interpersonal skills and EQ in professionals.

By coaching and training teams on how to build client relationships, increase team performance, and cultivate leadership, we guide professionals to high performance, escalating both the productivity and engagement of your organization. 

Our approach nurtures a world where multiple generations successfully unite, collaborate, and work cohesively, thereby creating exceptional corporate culture.

We are Culture and Communication Coaches and Speakers helping companies: 

  • Build and retain key talent

  • Develop world-class, open communication by embracing and channeling the extraordinary talents and strengths of each generation and their unique leadership qualities.

  • Create a harmonious blend of skills and collaboration across generations for exceptional team performance

Through our individual coaching, group workshops and retreats, we deliver innovative solutions to create open communication and problem solving, leading to extraordinary team performance.  We offer multiple assessments on personal strengths and energy leadership potential and work with our clients to develop Emotional Intelligence. 

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  • Bridging the Chasm in Generational Communication

  • Enhancing and Nurturing Corporate Culture through Authentic Communication

  • Cultivating Future Leaders

  • Building Trust and High-Performing Teams

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence 

  • Honing Soft Skills Skills  

As certified professional coaches and speakers, Liz and Mark focus on Open Communication, Active Listening and Effective Interpersonal Relationships