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“I am grateful to have not crossed paths but joined paths with Mark & Liz. Twin Lights Consulting has afforded me the opportunity to face all situations for what they are, not bigger than they are. The clarity in their communication is unparalleled, emotional quotient likely too high to be measured, the perfect blend of professionalism and personality. Mark & Liz have been at my side through several hardships and have always delivered tailored coaching that has served me both personally and professionally.”

—Ray G.
COO–Senior Helpers Canada

—Joe Williams, Founder
Creative Performance Group

“As a seasoned sales professional, I believe a executive coach is an invaluable resource to staying focused, motivated and goal oriented. Part of my process includes continuing to fine tune myself as well as my skills and knowledge. I have always prided myself on being one of the best in my field.

Recently after many years of being with the same company, I made a job change. And not just a move to a new company….a move to a completely different industry…where I knew nothing. As excited as I was for the change and the challenge, there was also a sense of panic and uncertainty. This is when I reached out to Twin Lights Consulting.

When I starting working with them, I was immediately impressed. They identified the areas where I was struggling with the change and gave me some tools to feel more confident as I continued to move forward. They helped me realize that the skills I most needed to be successful were the same skills I have used for many years and that as long as I stay confident and calm, I can get through any situation.

I love what Mark always says “everything you need is already inside of you.” I think of that whenever I feel nervous and then I feel strength.

They made my first month on the job much easier. Actually the confidence I walked in with on day one, has remained 4 months later. I continue to love my new job and we continue to work together. They are amazing coaches and I am lucky to have them.”

—Annie D.

—Alison Curwen Williams
Event Manager - 4 Corners Productions